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Cluster Verification and Synchronization - clverify:

3 places to start in SMITTY:
    - under Standard Config.: this always runs a full verification, all aspects of the cluster will be checked before synchronization
                    it has no option, it is a press and go function
    - under Enhanced Config.: allows separation of verification and synchronization
                    Emulate: changes will be tested before trying to implement them
                    Actual: it implements the settings
                    Forced: ignore any errors, can be dangerous to a running cluster
                    Verify changes only: if only few items changed it will allow much faster verification and synchronization

    Always verify and synchronize the cluster from the node on which the changed occured to the other nodes in the cluster.

    -!!! Problem Determination Tools > HACMP Verification: verification can be run without causing a synchronization!!!
                    Error count: verification is successful if error count not exceeded

                    The verify process will indicate warnings if the cluster is capable running but:
                    -may have items that are not configured in resource groups
                    -the recommendations for configuring the cluster have not been followed

When clverify has problems it is usually related to the ability to contact a node. The node to node communication is provided by clcomd.
(clcomd uses the /usr/es/sbin/cluster/etc/rhosts file for inter node security. (in earlier releases it used the 'r' commands))

there are 2 log files for problem checking:
clverify: /var/hacmp/clverify/clverify.log (automatic cluster conf. mon. <-every 24 hours, by default on the first node in alphabetical)
clcomd: /var/hacmp/clcomd/clcomd.log
additional logs:
/var/hacmp/clverify/fail    stores data from the most recent failed verification attempt
/var/hacmp/clverify/pass    stores data from the most recent passed verification attempt


  1. Hi

    What is the difference b/w clconfig and clverify


    1. Clconfig verifies cluster from command line (not from smitty). I'm not sure if the command "clverify" exists, I never used that.

  2. In Power HA,

    Smitty hacmp --> Extended configuration --> Extended Verification and Synchronization -->

    Verify changes only? [No] +
    * Logging [Standard]

    What's the difference between Verify changes only ? options NO / YES

    What will be the impact if I select "NO"

    And If I select "Yes"