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An lpp_source is a directory similar to AIX install CDs. It contains AIX Licensed Program Products (LLPs) in Backup File Format (BFF) format and RPM Package Manager (RPM) filesets that you can install.

root@aixnim1: / # lsnim -l 5300-TL_00_to_08_works
   class       = resources
   type        = lpp_source
   arch        = power
   Rstate      = ready for use
   prev_state  = unavailable for use
   location    = /nim/lppsource/5300-TL_00_to_08_works
   simages     = yes                    <--yes is needed for creation of a SPOT, or for installation over the network

    showres = show contents of a resource
    lslpp   = list LPP information about an object
    check   = check the status of a NIM object
    lppmgr  = eliminate unnecessary software images in an lpp_source
    update  = add or remove software to or from an lpp_source

nim -o showres lpp5300            lists filesets in the lpp_source
nim -Fo check <lpp_source>        checks and rebuilds the .toc file, and determines if all files are included for simages=yes
nim -o remove lpp5300             removes the lpp_source object (the object definitions will be removed but the directory/filesets remain)
nim -o lppmgr <lpp_source>        removes duplicate filesets from an lpp_source
nim -o lppmgr -a lppmgr_flags=rub <lpp_source> removes (-r) all duplicate updates (-u) and duplicate base levels (-b)
nim -o update -a source=/dev/cd0 -a packages=all 5305_lpp  add software to lpp_source


Creating a NIM lpp_source (above 5300): Base (5300) + TL update (installable for a new system)

1. Replicating a base level lpp_source (and give the name lpp5304, what we will extend with other filesets later)
    using a lpp_source (lpp5300) as source:
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a source=lpp5300 -a location=/nim/lppsource/lpp5304 lpp5304

    using a directory (pathname) as a source:
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a source=/nim/lppsource/lpp5300 -a location=/nim/lppsource/lpp5304 lpp5304

    another way if we don't give the "source":
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a location=/nim/lpp_sources/OSFilesets/bb/DVD_1/installp/ppc 5300-08_bb
    (here the "location" already existing directory, and the filesets will not be copied to anywhere, only the nim object will be created)

2. Download a TL level and create an lpp_source from it + check (remove) duplicate filesets

    -creating an lpp_source from TL update directory
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a location=/nim/lppsource/530004 TL5304
    (it can warn us, that simages attribute can not be set, so it can not be used for BOS install (it is a TL update only), it is OK)

    -checking and removing duplicate filesets
    nim -o lppmgr -a lppmgr_flags=rub TL5304
    (r:remove, u:update filesets, b:base levels)

3. Updating the base level lpp_source (in point 1 named as lpp5304) with TL update lpp_source (TL5304)

    -updating base level lpp_source from a TL directory
    nim -o update -a show_progress=yes -a packages=all -a source=TL5304 lpp5304
    (source:downloaded update lpp_source; lpp5304:the base lpp_source what we wanted to update with the downloaded update lpp_source)

    -checking and removing duplicate filesets
    nim -o lppmgr TL5304


Creating a NIM lpp source + TL update (with SMITTY)

(An lpp_source from TL6 SP6 DVD image will be updated by TL7 SP3 filesets downloaded from FixCentral)

1. I copied 2 AIX DVDs into 1 directory:
  cp -prh /iso/installp/ppc/* /nim/lppsource/TL6_SP6_base
  (for both DVDs)

2. lpp_source creation
  smitty nim -> nim administration -> manage resouces -> define a resource (lpp_source)

  Resource Name                                       [TL6_SP6_base]
  Resource Type                                       lpp_source
  Server of Resource                                  [master]
  Location of Resource                                [/nim/lppsource/TL6_SP6_base]

  then it showed this:
  Now checking for missing install images...
  All required install images have been found. This lpp_source is now ready.

  (if lpp_source will be used for install, simages must be on yes, check with lsnim -l <lpp_source>

3. Checking if there are duplicate filesets (no language filesets were removed)
  smitty nim -> nim administration -> manage resouces -> perform operations (lpp_source name -> lppmgr)

  TARGET lpp_source                                   TL6_SP6_base
  PREVIEW only? (remove operation will NOT occur)     yes
  REMOVE DUPLICATE software                           yes
  REMOVE SUPERSEDED updates                           yes
  REMOVE LANGUAGE software                            no
      PRESERVE language                               [C]
  REMOVE NON-SIMAGES software                         no
  SAVE removed files                                  no
      DIRECTORY for storing saved files               []
  EXTEND file systems if space needed?                yes

4. Downloaded from FixCentral and then copied TL update filesets to NIM
  (It was TL7 SP3)

5. Create lpp_source from TL update direcory
  Resource Name                                       [TL7_SP3_update]
  Resource Type                                       lpp_source
  Server of Resource                                  [master]
  Location of Resource                                [/nim/lppsource/TL7_SP3_update]

  then it showed this:
  warning: 0042-267 c_mk_lpp_source: The defined lpp_source does not have the
        "simages" attribute because one or more of the following packages are missing:
  (it is OK, we do not need simages=yes, because it is only a TL update lpp_source not a base install)
  (removed duplicate (superseded) as in step 3)

6. Update TL6_SP6_base with TL7_SP3_update
  smitty nim -> nim administration -> manage resouces -> perform operations (base what we want tu update -> update

  TARGET lpp_source                                   TL6_SP6_base
  SOURCE of Software to Add                           TL7_SP3_update
  SOFTWARE Packages to Add                            [all]
  After this TL6_SP6_base was renamed, because it contains now everything.
  I did the following:
   - I copied the content of TL6_SP6_base to a new directory (TL7_SP3_all)
   - created a new lpp_source from directory TL7_SP3_all
   - removed TL6_SP6_base


  1. Creating a NIM lpp source + TL update (with SMITTY)
    Step 0: loopmount -i AIX71TL00SP03-2011_1OF2.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /iso

  2. loopmount -i AIX71TL00SP03-2011_1OF2.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /iso

    above avail only in aix 6.x and aix 7 version... i think....

  3. How to create spot after create lpp_source? I followed this mention Creating a NIM lpp source + TL update (with SMITTY) but when I try to create spot from lpp_source its giving me this error. I have to do OS migration from 6.1 to 7.1 thru NIMADM.
    Command: failed stdout: yes stderr: no

    Before command completion, additional instructions may appear below.

    0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master":
    0042-162 m_mkspot: an lpp_source which has the "simages"
    attribute is required for this operation

    1. Create spot from DVD dirctly not from lpp_source

    2. NIM Server must be at an oslevel version, higher than the version of the resource it serves...

  4. Hello
    I m short in free space. So I would like to remove the previous Lpp definition without removing the updated directory and then recreate a new Lpp source pointing onto the directory. Does it work ?
    Anyway your blog is very usefull

    1. This is from NIM Redbook:
      "Removing a NIM lpp_source
      To remove a NIM lpp_source, the object definitions will be removed but the
      directory and filesets will remain. The following command removes the lpp5300
      NIM object:
      nim -o remove lpp5300"

  5. AIX guide is very helpful for users. nice sharing...
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  6. Just wanted to point out NIM on 7100-03-04-1441, I had to use gencopy to copy the ISO files to the lpp_source.
    gencopy -d /iso -t /export/nim/lpp/AIX_6100-09 -U all
    I could define the lppsource with the normal cp -prh /iso/installp/ppc/* however when trying to update a SP into the 6100-09 I was receiving a 0503-150 gencopy: error.
    Hope this helps someone.

  7. Replies
    1. I've been an AIX admin for over 20 years, and I reference this site all the time! Thank you x 100.

  8. We have to update service pack from AIX 6.1 TL9 SP4 to AIX 6.1 TL9 SP9.. Bcoz of some restriction at proxy side, not able to download packages from fixcentral.. So I ordered DVDs for the same.. We received 4 DVDs.. Now I want to copy all contents to a local mount point on the client server and do update_all to update its service pack.. But I tried a lot and failed.. Please suggest how to create directory in which all contents of dvds can exist and we do service pack update on the server.. I tried bffcreate but dont know exactly how to merge all contents.. I only want to use update_all method.. Appreciate if you assist me..

  9. can I know, where do I can download the LPPs and how? Customer environment only provide required CVE.