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Backup - Restore

MKSYSB (for rootvg, OS):
(only for rootvg and only for mounted filesystems)
mksysb -i /testfs/mksysb.0725                  creates an installable image of the rootvg (from NIM it can be restored)

The restorevgfiles and listvgbackup -r commands perform identical operations and should be considered interchangeable

listvgbackup -f /mnt/aix11.mksysb -r /etc/resolv.conf    restores the file /etc/resolv.conf from the specified backup

BACKUP - RESTORE (for filesystems):

find /bckfs -print | backup -i -f /dev/rmt0    backup all the files and subdirs
                                               find: genereates a list of all the files
                                               -i: files will be read from standard input

restore                                        extracts files from archives created with the backup command.

JFS2 snapshot:
creates a point in time image, it is very quick and very small


SAVEVG - RESTVG (for volume groups):

savevg -f /bckfs/backup.0725 bckvg  
           backs up all files belonging to bckvg to the specified file
restvg -f /bckfs/backup.0725                   restores the vg and all the files what have been saved with savevg
                                               (it creates the vg, lv, fs...)



tctl                                           gives subcommand to tape (move forward/backward)
tcopy                                          copies magnetic tapes


  1. is it ideal to find the files using find command first and then backup the files with their relative path on to the archival medium or is it better to first go to the directory where the file is stored and then do the backup with absolute path on to the archival medium ..?

  2. I don't see much difference between these 2 methods, both of them should work perfectly.

  3. Wat is the future scope of AIX ? i was put into AIX domain and for next 2 yrs am gonna work in that domain....can AIX admins demand more?

    1. You can find some info about Power 8, which probably will come out in the next year. AIX should use its capabilities, so I expect some new things to learn at AIX side as well.

  4. How to take the backups of SYSdump and Device?

    1. When you make an mksysb, those will be backed up as well.

  5. hi aix,
    when i ran: mksysb to backup os i get error: 0301-183 bosboot: /unix and /usr/lib/boot/unix must link ti the same kernel file

    and in addition, bootinfo -v -> result: hd5, bootinfo -b ->>result: hdisk1

    1. Hi, did you check if /unix is link to the correct place?

    2. hi aix, i'm stupid in aix. when i check /unix, it is not exist.
      #ls -l /unix ->result: /unix not exist. and my kernel is 64bit.
      in the /usr/lib/boot/ has unix_64 directory is symlinked to /unix.
      so i must create /unix in / then i completed mksysb

    3. Hi, yes, for me it looks like this:
      lrwxrwxrwx 1 root system 21 May 28 09:37 unix -> /usr/lib/boot/unix_64

  6. is there any command to check user password expire in aix

  7. lsuser will list all this information. need to be executed as root to get full information

  8. I'm beginner on AIX, Please give me suggestion.
    I using power system S822 server with AIX 7.1.
    This server not have card iscsi and also not have DAT4 tape slot on server.
    So what must I do for backup OS and then I can restore it if I have a problem with OS level.

    PLease give me the best way I can do.


  9. hi Friendlucky Kucky, I have same problem , could you solve your ??


    the directory exists but I have the same error posted how do I solve it?

  10. how do i list a specific file from mksysb.backup without restoring it?