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VIOS update:

1. create backup:
    VIO Operating System (device mappings will be backed up as well?)
    backupios -file /mnt/backup                <--this will create nim_reources.tar file (in this are an mksysb,a spot dir...)
    backupios -file /mnt/backup -mksysb        <--this will create only an mksysb

    For NIM restore these are needed on NIM server:
        -create a resource from the mksysb (smitty nim -> administration -> resources -> define...)
        -create a spot resource from the mksysb (smitty nim -> administration -> resources -> define... -> source will be the mksysb)

    Device Configurations (Logical Devices, Virtual Devices, Device Attributes):
    (On 1.3.2 did not work)
    viosbr -backup -file /mnt/vio/vios1_devicebackup        <--creates a backup
    viosbr -view -file backup_1.tar.gz                      <--view in the backup file   

    (viosbr is needed if we restore to a different server. For the same server, backupios should be enough, as it contains mappings...)
    (For restore: viosbr -restore ....)

    savevgstruct                       <--saves other vgs
    restorevgstruct                    <--resore vgs to empty disk

    lsmap -all, lsmap -all -net, lsmap -all -npiv...
    .profile file

2. remove interim fixes:
    # oem_setup_env                     <--from the VIOS command line
    # emgr -P                           <--list installed efix's (by label)
    # emgr -r -L                        <--for each additional efix listed, run to remove

3. do the update (as padmin)
    $ mount remote_machine:directory /mnt    <--mount the remote directory onto the Virtual I/O Server
    $ updateios -commit                      <--commit previous updates, by running the updateios command
    $ updateios -accept -dev /mnt            <--for updates -install is not needed
    ($ updateios -accept -install -dev /mnt  <--this will install new filesets as well)
    $ ioslevel                               <--verify update (it should indicate:ioslevel is now V1.5.2.1-FP-11.1)
    $ shutdown -restart                      <--to load all changes, reboot the VIOS as user padmin



  1. Hi,

    I used alt_root_vg to update the FP. Once alt_vg booted up, could see some filesets are not installed. where unable to su padmin.. any idea what to do...

    1. Hi, I think it is not uncommon that filesets are missing after update. We have a separate directory with the missing filesets, where we do another update operation to fix this. However doing a VIOS update with "alt_root_vg" is a new thing to me...I would prefer to do VIOS update the old way, and that method works for us.
      Try to do a preview check before installation, or free up that managed system and try to do a usual VIOS update.

    2. File-set missing was ios file-set once i installed on altvg, all my Padmin commands are working.why i choose alt_root_vg because updateios does takes long time and updates on current disk.
      OS Migration method on alternate disk tried to update VIO's, though it has some issues but it worked.. :)

  2. Hi,

    when i run the below backupios command i'm getting error like "tar: 0511-825 The file './6100-00_mksysb' is too large"

    backupios -file

    i tried running this command as padmin as well as root user, getting the same error.(both root and padmin has fsize as -1)

    also i tried using the below switches in the backupios command, still getting the same error.

    backupios -nomedialib -nosvg -file /images/vio13

    my vio server version is

    Please help on this, i'm trying to fix this issue for so many days, but still couldnt..please help.

    1. correction

      when i run the below backupios command i'm getting error like "tar: 0511-825 The file './6100-00_mksysb' is too large"

      backupios -file "nim server nfs mount"

    2. Hi, please check in Google, tar and file size limit....

    3. try with..
      backupios -file path/filename -mksysb
      we also faced same issue, but after using -mksysb problem resolved.

  3. Hi,

    file size is limit is set to unlimited (fsize = -1)
    i believe tar limitation is 8gb, so whether i cannot backup vio server when mksysb exceeds 8gb?
    backupios -file command creates backup image only as tar file, please let me know if i can try any other option to fix this issue.

  4. Hi , I have a dumb question about VIO upgrade. I need to upgrade the VIO , so if I do that , then the VIO AIX version will be upgraded as well right? Currently My VIO is in and vio's AIX version 6100-07-04-1216, Now if I eventually upgrade the VIO to the latest , then how do I find out what version of AIX , I will get after? is it going to migrate to AIX 7.1 ? , what if my VIO client are still in AIX 6.1. Do you think this will be a problem ?

    1. Hi, at this link (https://www-304.ibm.com/webapp/set2/sas/f/flrt/viostable.html) you can see VIOS needs a minimum NIM level of AIX 6.1 TL9 SP3 (so this VIOS version is basically 6100-09-03), so this won't cause problems at client side, only your NIM server should be updated to this level if you want to use NIM functionality.

    2. Thanks a lot as always, I don't not know what I would do without this blog, can't think of any other blog better this one for AIX

  5. Can you help me, how to update the vio using ISO image.

    1. You should see the content of the iso image...I would extract the files to a specified dir,after update should be the same.

  6. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this informative blog, i need to upgrade my AIX from 6.1 TL8 SP-03 to 6.2 TL9 SP04, VIOS from to, gpfs to or 4.1, please guide how should i proceed? is there any dependency of AIX version on vios or vios on AIX, similarly gpfs on vios & AIX and vice versa.


  7. Correction, its 6.1 TL9 SP04


  8. Hi,

    mirrorios/mirrorvg - Can we use both the command to mirror rootvg in VIO server? or it is mandatory we need to use only mirrorios command to mirror rootvg in VIO server.

    Please suggest.

  9. Hi,

    Is there any way to upgrade VIO servers oslevel to AIX 7.1 or 7.2?


    1. Hello, no. During VIOS update the underlying AIX will be automatically updated to the necessary level. It is not possible or recommended to update AIX separately.

  10. Can i update from SP-02 to directly??

    1. yes, you can check in fix central as well:

  11. How to update vio by HMC?