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HBA: The cable port on the host is the host bus adapter (HBA)
CHA: The cable port on the storage subsystem is a port (P) on a channel adapter (CHA)

Product       : 9500V
SerialNumber  : 6123
LUs           : 12

iLU  SLPR HDevName VG OSPathID PathID PathName                        ChaPort CLPR Status     Type IO-Count   IO-Errors  DNum IEP
0062    - hdisk11  -  00000    000000 08.06.0000000000210300.0000     1A         - Online     Own           0          0    0 -
                      00001    000006 09.06.0000000000211300.0000     1B         - Online     Own           0          0    0 -
                      00002    000007 08.07.00000000000E0600.0000     0C         - Online     Non           0          0    0 -
                      00003    000009 09.07.00000000000E1600.0000     0D         - Online     Non           0          0    0 -

Product       : USP
SerialNumber  : 0022137
LUs           : 9

iLU  SLPR HDevName VG OSPathID PathID PathName                        ChaPort CLPR Status     Type IO-Count   IO-Errors  DNum IEP
016F    0 hdisk46  -  00000    000024 08.06.00000000000B8800.0000     3A         0 Online     Own     3201989          0    0 -
                      00001    000025 09.06.00000000000BA600.0000     3E         0 Online     Own     3201945          0    0 -
                      00002    000092 08.07.0000000000240A00.0000     4A         0 Online     Own     3198945          0    0 -
                      00003    000106 09.07.0000000000242A00.0000     4E         0 Online     Own    78042543          0    0 -

PathID:           HDLM manages a path by assigning an ID to it.
OSPathID:         The ID that AIX assigns to a path (lspath shows it as well)
Product:9500V -   HDLM performs load balancing between owner paths or between non-owner paths.
                  Owner paths are coming from the same CHA. Non-owner paths are coming from the other CHA.
                  Load is balanced first between the owner paths, if all the owner paths are lost, then between the non owner paths.

-     All the paths are owner paths.
                  Load is balanced among all the paths.

    Online        I/O can be issued normally
    Online (E)    An error occured on the path, and none of the other paths are in Online staus (it still can be used)
    Offline (C)   Path was placed offline by using the command (manually)
    Offline (E)   I/O cannot be performed, because an error occured in the path

The location of the scripts:       /usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/
DLMManager logs:                   /var/DynamicLinkManager/log
Operation logs (command history):  /var/opt/hitachi/HNTRLib2/spool/hntr2[1-16].log
The location of config file:       /usr/D*/drv/dlmfdrv.conf

dlnkmgr view -help
dlnkmgr view -hba                  shows info about the hbas
dlnkmgr view -lu                   shows the status of the path (online is OK)
dlnkmgr view -path                 shows that which device uses which path
dlnkmgr view -path -srt lu         useful command as: dlnkmgr view -lu -item
dlnkmgr view -lu -item all         gives a full list
dlnkmgr view -cha                  shows storage channel port, serial number of storage box
dlnkmgr view -sys -lic             shows license information
dlnkmgr view -drv                  shows storsge box serial, and iLU numbers

dlnkmgr online -help
dlnkmgr online -pathid 000023      puts a path to online state
dlnkmgr offline -hba <adapter>     puts an hba to offline state (dlnkmgr offline -hba 08.08)


dlnkmgr view -sys                shows sytem settings (HDLM version,load balance, health checking...)
    root@aix41: / # dlnkmgr view -sys
    HDLM Version                 : 05-94
    Service Pack Version         :
    Load Balance                 : on(rr)
    Support Cluster              :
    Elog Level                   : 3
    Elog File Size (KB)          : 9900
    Number Of Elog Files         : 2
    Trace Level                  : 0   
    Trace File Size (KB)         : 1000
    Number Of Trace Files        : 4
    Path Health Checking         : on(30)
    Auto Failback                : off
    Intermittent Error Monitor   : off

dlnkmgr set -help
dlnkmgr set -lb on -lbtype rr        sets load balancing on (rr:round robin, rr is recommended not exrr: extended rr)
dlnkmgr set -pchk on -intvl 10       sets path health checking on (invl: checking interval (in minutes))
dlnkmgr set -afb on -intvl 10        sets automatic failback on
dlnkmgr set -iem on -intvl 20 -iemnum 2 sets intermittent monitoring on (interval 20 min, the number of times the error is to oocur 2)
dlnkmgr set -ellv 3                  sets the error log collection level (3 is recommended, 0:no log, 1:errors only, 2:1+warnings, 3:2+infos)
dlnkmgr set -systflv 0               sets trace level (0 is recommended, after an error could be set to higher (1) to collect logs)
dlnkmgr set -elfs 9900               sets the error log file size in KB (9900 is recommended)
dlnkmgr set -elfn 2                  sets the number of error log files    (2 is recommended)
dlnkmgr set -systfs 1000             sets the trace file size (1000 is recommended)
dlnkmgr set -systfn 4                sets the number of trace files (4 is recommended)
dlnkmgr set -rsv on 2                sets the reservation level (2 is recommended it means persistent res. level, 0:ignore reservation)
                                     (it's important for reserving disks, if a LUN is not supporting it, it won't reserve the disk)

dlnkmgr clear -pdst                  this clears the statistics (I/O counts and I/O errors)

dlmcfgmgr                            configures dlm devices
dlmrmdev                             removes dlm devices (/usr/D*/bin/dlmrmdev) (dlmrmdev -A makes umount, varyoff, rmdev)

dlmpr                                it clears persistent reservation in clustered environment
dlmpr -k hdiskX                      shows the reservation key
dlmpr -c hdiskX                      clears the reservation key

lssrc -a | grep -i dlm               shows if HDLM Manager running (startsrc/stopsrc -s DLMManager)


changing FC adapter settings (for dualpath):

dlnkmgr offline -hba 08.08 (full delete: dlmhbadel fscsi0) (dlnkmgr offline -pathid 000001)
rmpath -p fscsiX  <--sets define (rmpath -p fscsiX -d  <--it will delete)
rmdev -Rl fcsX    (rmdev -Rdl fscsiX <--careful with raw devices, as it will delete)
chdev -l fcs1 -a init_link=pt2pt
chdev -l fscsi1 -a dyntrk=yes -a fc_err_recov=fast_fail
cfgmgr  (dlmcfgmgr if needed)


Changing ODM parmaeters of the HDLM driver:

# odmget PdAt > /tmp/PdAtbackup_091119
# odmget -q"uniquetype=disk/fcp/Hitachi and attribute=reserve_policy" PdAt > /tmp/pdatreserve_policy

Edit /tmp/pdatreserve_policy

        uniquetype = "disk/fcp/Hitachi"
        attribute = "reserve_policy"
        deflt = "no_reserve"
        values = "no_reserve,single_path,PR_exclusive,PR_shared"
        width = ""
        type = "R"
        generic = "DU"
        rep = "sl"
        nls_index = 96

# odmchange -o PdAt -q"uniquetype=disk/fcp/Hitachi and attribute=reserve_policy" /tmp/pdatreserve_policy


Anonymous said...


Whether the hitachi LUNs can be used via normal sddpcm driver?

aix said...

This is written at IBM site:
"SDDPCM is a loadable path control module designed to support the multipath configuration environment in the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server, the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller, the IBM Storwize V7000, the IBM TotalStorage DS family and IBM BladeCenter S SAS Raid Controller Module (RSSM)."

No Hitachi with SDDPCM, but with AIX default PCM (MPIO) it is working (as far as I know).

Anonymous said...

Hi AIX, need some clarifications,
what are command to check the lun id of xiv storage, hitachi
storage, emc storage, ibm storage


aix said...

Hi Bittu,

xiv: I don't know
hitachi: dlnkmgr view -lu
emc: powermt display dev=all
ibm storage (ess): datapath query device


Anonymous said...

where to download the Hitachi storage drivers ? Please Give me the Link

aix said...

no idea

Bala said...

Hi ,

How to delete the HDLM for the disk ..for example rootvg should not have hdlm orelse it wont boot right ...like dlmfdrv13 is device name for disk otherthan rootvg ...so once san team give disk we will get it as dlmfdrvXX..but we want to delete tht ..please tell me how to remove ?

Bala said...

this is hdlm version HDLM Version : 05-81
i want to mirror rootvg . so disk shd not have hdlm

aix said...

Hi, command "dlmrmdev" removes dlm devices (/usr/D*/bin/dlmrmdev) (dlmrmdev -A makes umount, varyoff, rmdev)
I'm ot sure if this is the correct procedure if rootvg is on DLM devices.

Bala said...

dlmrmdev --- this command with remove the dlm only for ...disk which are not in the vg ...i tried this cmd ..for the disk which are in vg i mean active it will say busy ..but for the disk which not in vg or not active will remove dlm ...so dlmrmdev is the only cmd to use ...we don have dlmrmdev dlmfdrvXX or something like that ..

Unknown said...

You can used command dlmchpdattr to change attributes reserve_policy,max_transfer,queue_depth and rw_timeout

{-a Attribute=Value [Attribute=Value ...]
[-u { HTC | XP }] [-A] [-s]
| -o
| -h}

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for the nice blog, I am asked to upgrade my HDLM , where can i get the new version, Is there link to get new version of HDLM, or what do I do? I saw a lots of documentation online how to upgrade HDLM version, but I don't where to get those, Can you help me up here???

aix said...

Hi, I think official Hitachi support can help you in that

Anonymous said...

Hello please let us know how to check the hitachi related commands at the cleint end which has npiv enabled evices.fcp.disk.Hitachi.array.mpio.rte is the mpio fileset installed

Arindam said...

/usr/bin/xiv_devlist for xiv

aix said...


esb.b4u said...

Hitachi ODM updates for AIX:

varun rajendran said...

get idea

Unknown said...

Will LPM work for Power 7 and Power 8 NPIV capable AIX servers, for direct SAN attached storage where we have HDLM installed

Anonymous said...

All my disk are from SAN and I need to upgrade the HDLM driver . After some googling I understand that we need to remove all the HDLM configured SAN disks before the upgrade . But my rootvg disk is also having HDLM , so how can I proceed with the upgrade ?

jana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jana said...

Can somebody tell me why is this occuring, I see that on corresponding servers that dlmchangedev was not found and it was working properly.

# chpath -l hdisk6 -p fscsi1 -s enable
Method error (/usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/dlmChangeDev):
0514-068 Cause not known.
sh: /usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/dlmChangeDev: not found.

jana said...

rmpath fixed the issue, Need to delete and reconfigure hdlm

aix said...

thx for info :)

Dagmara Fafińska said...

Świetnie napisane. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.