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An lpp_source is a directory similar to AIX install CDs. It contains AIX Licensed Program Products (LLPs) in Backup File Format (BFF) format and RPM Package Manager (RPM) filesets that you can install.

root@aixnim1: / # lsnim -l 5300-TL_00_to_08_works
   class       = resources
   type        = lpp_source
   arch        = power
   Rstate      = ready for use
   prev_state  = unavailable for use
   location    = /nim/lppsource/5300-TL_00_to_08_works
   simages     = yes                    <--yes is needed for creation of a SPOT, or for installation over the network

    showres = show contents of a resource
    lslpp   = list LPP information about an object
    check   = check the status of a NIM object
    lppmgr  = eliminate unnecessary software images in an lpp_source
    update  = add or remove software to or from an lpp_source

nim -o showres lpp5300            lists filesets in the lpp_source
nim -Fo check <lpp_source>        checks and rebuilds the .toc file, and determines if all files are included for simages=yes
nim -o remove lpp5300             removes the lpp_source object (the object definitions will be removed but the directory/filesets remain)
nim -o lppmgr <lpp_source>        removes duplicate filesets from an lpp_source
nim -o lppmgr -a lppmgr_flags=rub <lpp_source> removes (-r) all duplicate updates (-u) and duplicate base levels (-b)
nim -o update -a source=/dev/cd0 -a packages=all 5305_lpp  add software to lpp_source


Creating a NIM lpp_source (above 5300): Base (5300) + TL update (installable for a new system)

1. Replicating a base level lpp_source (and give the name lpp5304, what we will extend with other filesets later)
    using a lpp_source (lpp5300) as source:
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a source=lpp5300 -a location=/nim/lppsource/lpp5304 lpp5304

    using a directory (pathname) as a source:
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a source=/nim/lppsource/lpp5300 -a location=/nim/lppsource/lpp5304 lpp5304

    another way if we don't give the "source":
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a location=/nim/lpp_sources/OSFilesets/bb/DVD_1/installp/ppc 5300-08_bb
    (here the "location" already existing directory, and the filesets will not be copied to anywhere, only the nim object will be created)

2. Download a TL level and create an lpp_source from it + check (remove) duplicate filesets

    -creating an lpp_source from TL update directory
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a location=/nim/lppsource/530004 TL5304
    (it can warn us, that simages attribute can not be set, so it can not be used for BOS install (it is a TL update only), it is OK)

    -checking and removing duplicate filesets
    nim -o lppmgr -a lppmgr_flags=rub TL5304
    (r:remove, u:update filesets, b:base levels)

3. Updating the base level lpp_source (in point 1 named as lpp5304) with TL update lpp_source (TL5304)

    -updating base level lpp_source from a TL directory
    nim -o update -a show_progress=yes -a packages=all -a source=TL5304 lpp5304
    (source:downloaded update lpp_source; lpp5304:the base lpp_source what we wanted to update with the downloaded update lpp_source)

    -checking and removing duplicate filesets
    nim -o lppmgr TL5304


Creating a NIM lpp source + TL update (with SMITTY)

(An lpp_source from TL6 SP6 DVD image will be updated by TL7 SP3 filesets downloaded from FixCentral)

1. I copied 2 AIX DVDs into 1 directory:
  cp -prh /iso/installp/ppc/* /nim/lppsource/TL6_SP6_base
  (for both DVDs)

2. lpp_source creation
  smitty nim -> nim administration -> manage resouces -> define a resource (lpp_source)

  Resource Name                                       [TL6_SP6_base]
  Resource Type                                       lpp_source
  Server of Resource                                  [master]
  Location of Resource                                [/nim/lppsource/TL6_SP6_base]

  then it showed this:
  Now checking for missing install images...
  All required install images have been found. This lpp_source is now ready.

  (if lpp_source will be used for install, simages must be on yes, check with lsnim -l <lpp_source>

3. Checking if there are duplicate filesets (no language filesets were removed)
  smitty nim -> nim administration -> manage resouces -> perform operations (lpp_source name -> lppmgr)

  TARGET lpp_source                                   TL6_SP6_base
  PREVIEW only? (remove operation will NOT occur)     yes
  REMOVE DUPLICATE software                           yes
  REMOVE SUPERSEDED updates                           yes
  REMOVE LANGUAGE software                            no
      PRESERVE language                               [C]
  REMOVE NON-SIMAGES software                         no
  SAVE removed files                                  no
      DIRECTORY for storing saved files               []
  EXTEND file systems if space needed?                yes

4. Downloaded from FixCentral and then copied TL update filesets to NIM
  (It was TL7 SP3)

5. Create lpp_source from TL update direcory
  Resource Name                                       [TL7_SP3_update]
  Resource Type                                       lpp_source
  Server of Resource                                  [master]
  Location of Resource                                [/nim/lppsource/TL7_SP3_update]

  then it showed this:
  warning: 0042-267 c_mk_lpp_source: The defined lpp_source does not have the
        "simages" attribute because one or more of the following packages are missing:
  (it is OK, we do not need simages=yes, because it is only a TL update lpp_source not a base install)
  (removed duplicate (superseded) as in step 3)

6. Update TL6_SP6_base with TL7_SP3_update
  smitty nim -> nim administration -> manage resouces -> perform operations (base what we want tu update -> update

  TARGET lpp_source                                   TL6_SP6_base
  SOURCE of Software to Add                           TL7_SP3_update
  SOFTWARE Packages to Add                            [all]
  After this TL6_SP6_base was renamed, because it contains now everything.
  I did the following:
   - I copied the content of TL6_SP6_base to a new directory (TL7_SP3_all)
   - created a new lpp_source from directory TL7_SP3_all
   - removed TL6_SP6_base


Anonymous said...

Creating a NIM lpp source + TL update (with SMITTY)
Step 0: loopmount -i AIX71TL00SP03-2011_1OF2.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /iso

aix said...

Yes,it is helpful :)


Good one

Unknown said...


Moinudeen AM said...

loopmount -i AIX71TL00SP03-2011_1OF2.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /iso

above avail only in aix 6.x and aix 7 version... i think....

Unknown said...

How to create spot after create lpp_source? I followed this mention Creating a NIM lpp source + TL update (with SMITTY) but when I try to create spot from lpp_source its giving me this error. I have to do OS migration from 6.1 to 7.1 thru NIMADM.
Command: failed stdout: yes stderr: no

Before command completion, additional instructions may appear below.

0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master":
0042-162 m_mkspot: an lpp_source which has the "simages"
attribute is required for this operation

Unknown said...

Create spot from DVD dirctly not from lpp_source

DAC said...

NIM Server must be at an oslevel version, higher than the version of the resource it serves...

Unknown said...

I m short in free space. So I would like to remove the previous Lpp definition without removing the updated directory and then recreate a new Lpp source pointing onto the directory. Does it work ?
Anyway your blog is very usefull

aix said...

This is from NIM Redbook:
"Removing a NIM lpp_source
To remove a NIM lpp_source, the object definitions will be removed but the
directory and filesets will remain. The following command removes the lpp5300
NIM object:
nim -o remove lpp5300"

marysummer said...

AIX guide is very helpful for users. nice sharing...
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out NIM on 7100-03-04-1441, I had to use gencopy to copy the ISO files to the lpp_source.
gencopy -d /iso -t /export/nim/lpp/AIX_6100-09 -U all
I could define the lppsource with the normal cp -prh /iso/installp/ppc/* however when trying to update a SP into the 6100-09 I was receiving a 0503-150 gencopy: error.
Hope this helps someone.

aix said...

Thank You!

NC-AIX said...

I've been an AIX admin for over 20 years, and I reference this site all the time! Thank you x 100.

AIXTechie said...

We have to update service pack from AIX 6.1 TL9 SP4 to AIX 6.1 TL9 SP9.. Bcoz of some restriction at proxy side, not able to download packages from fixcentral.. So I ordered DVDs for the same.. We received 4 DVDs.. Now I want to copy all contents to a local mount point on the client server and do update_all to update its service pack.. But I tried a lot and failed.. Please suggest how to create directory in which all contents of dvds can exist and we do service pack update on the server.. I tried bffcreate but dont know exactly how to merge all contents.. I only want to use update_all method.. Appreciate if you assist me..

tiha said...

can I know, where do I can download the LPPs and how? Customer environment only provide required CVE.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, thanks for the nice words, you can alway write to aix4adm@gmail.com, Balazs