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lslpp -l | grep Java
java -version

java versions are here:ls -ld /usr/java*   

/usr/java... ( /usr/java131/...)
/usr/java14_64/bin # ./java -fullversion       
/usr/java14_64/bin # ./java -version   

java5 (32 bit) was needed:

we had a base and an additional update to that:
1. first installed base: Java5.sdk (smitty install)
2. update: Java5.sdk (smitty update_all or install_all_updates..)
3. PATH probably should be update:
   in /etc/environment:


testing java (with a program)

1. install java, set path
   i.e in .profile: export PATH=/usr/java6_64/jre/bin:/usr/java6_64/bin:/usr/java6_64/bin/javac:$PATH
   (javac is the compiler, I just added that one too, it is not necessary anyway)

2. create a test program:
root@bb_lpar: /tmp/bb # cat myfirstjavaprog.java
class myfirstjavaprog
        public static void main(String args[])
           System.out.println("Hello World!");

3. compile it with javac:
root@bb_lpar: /tmp/bb # javac myfirstjavaprog.java

4. run the program (call it without .java extension)

root@bb_lpar: /tmp/bb # java myfirstjavaprog
Hello World!


Anonymous said...

How to upgrade Java Version in AIX ?

sri said...

How to set the java path on aix environment ?

Yogesh Malkoti said...

update in /etc/environment or on your local .profile file if user specific java is needed

Vineet said...

Liked the sample program, good to see the results working!

Khasiat Walatra G-Sea said...

nice blog