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view               read only mode of vi (:set number <--it wull turn on line numbers)
vedit              beginners version of vi (showmode is on by default)

:set number        turning on/off line numbering
:set ignorecase    turning off case sensitivity when serching
:set noignorecase  turning on case sensivity when serching

(tilde (~) represents empty line)

       insert text at the cursor
       append text after the cursor
o        open a new line under the current line
O        open a new line above the current line
       replace one character where the cursor is (don't need to push i and esc, oly the needed character after the 'r')
       it allows to overwrite the existing text beginning at the current cursor position

:q         quits without saving (if no changes have been made, otherwise :q!)
:wq or :x  saves and exits
:w!        saves if the file read only

h        one character left
       one character right
k        one line up
j        one line down

       move to the next word
b        back to the previous word

0        move to the beginning of the line
$        move to the end of the line

       go to the last line
1G       go to the first line
xG       go to the xth line

ctrl-u   go up a page
ctrl-d   go down a page

x        delete a single character
dw       deletes a word
dd       delete the whole line
u        undo the last change

/text    searches for text
       searches forward for next occurence of the "text"
       searches backward for previous occurence of the "text"

replaces word1 to word2 in the whole text
:g/word1/s//word2/g    replaces word1 to word2 in the whole text
             executes the command


Siva said...


What is the syntax to remove white spaces in AIX VI.


Anonymous said...

Hi Siva,
white space is also a single character in vi, so you can use 'x' in non-input mode to remove the white spaces

Saradhi Peddi