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IBM Systems Director:

Systems Director enables monitoring and event management from a single browser-based user interface. IBM Systems Director provides broad platform coverage: Microsoft Windows, Linux, AIX, IBM i...

From one access point, users can monitor system environmentals, resources, inventory, events, task management, corrective actions, distributed commands, and hardware control for both servers and storage.


IBM Systems Director installation on AIX

1. Make sure X window (GUI) is working (don't forget to start an X server):
root@bb_lpar: / # xclock

2. Install a web browser (Firefox):
-Before Firefox install some rpms must be installed as well (check readme of firefox install), these can be installed like this:
root@bb_lpar: /bb # rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps *.rpm        <--in the directory where all needed rpms exist (I did not install dependencies)

root@bb_lpar: /bb # /usr/sbin/updtvpkg                     <--refreshes what is installed on the system (maybe it is not needed at all)
Please wait...

-After needed rpm have been installed, Firefox is installed:
root@bb_lpar: /bb # smitty install  Firefox Web Browser                              <--only this package has been chosen to be installed           

-Check if Firefox is running correctly:
root@bb_lpar: /bb # /usr/bin/firefox

3. Install Systems Director:

-After unzipping it:
root@bb_lpar: /bb # smitty install
DirectorServer6.2.0.0                                         <--my xlC, openssl was up to date, so I installed only this

-Installation has ben started and I received this output:
Starting server runtime...
The server runtime has been started.
Attempting to install features.    
Connection to localhost closed by remote host. Connection to bb_lpar closed.    <--during install, memory got full and I was logged out

-I increased lpar memory to 2.5GB and restarted the installation, when I received this:
Starting server runtime...
The server runtime is taking too long to start. Installer Exiting...
install:  Failed while executing the ./DirectorServer.post_i script.            <--this is becuase in DirectorServer.post_i is a syntax error

4. Workaround for the DirectorServer.post_i script problem:

-start installation again (smitty install) and check /usr/lpp/DirectorServer dir for the script: DirectorServer.post_i
root@bb_lpar: /usr/lpp/DirectorServer # ls -l
total 22264
-rw-r--r--    1 root     system           21 Nov 13 00:49 .cr.status
-rw-r--r--    1 root     system      3076263 Nov 13 00:49 DirectorServer.al
-rw-r--r--    1 root     system         9362 Nov 13 00:49 DirectorServer.config
-rw-r--r--    1 root     system      7969210 Nov 13 00:49 DirectorServer.inventory
-rw-r--r--    1 root     system        32258 Nov 13 00:49 DirectorServer.post_i

-when the file is there (maybe it will pop up later, not right away when you start installation), copy it to a temp. place
(You can only copy this file when an installation is occurring because when the install fails it removes the file. )

root@bb_lpar: /usr/lpp/DirectorServer # cp DirectorServer.post_i /tmp
root@bb_lpar: /usr/lpp/DirectorServer # cd /tmp
root@bb_lpar: /tmp # vi DirectorServer.post_i

-in the "CreateTWGServerFile" function a ";" is missing in the "if" statement and comment out the las line (twgserver.sh)
CreateTWGServerFile ( )
   if [ ! -d $TWGSERVER_ETC ]                               <--I added the ";" symbol here
      mkdir -p $TWGSERVER_ETC

#   . $TWGSERVER_BIN/twgserver.sh                            <--I added "#" at the beginning of this line

-start installation again, and when DirectorServer.post_i script appears, overwrite it with our edited script.

5. Configuration before starting up IBM SystemDirector:

After installation is finished run this:
root@bb_lpar: / # /opt/ibm/director/bin/configAgtMgr.sh            <--you can give any ID and pw (not necessary an already existing user)

After that you can start up this:
root@bb_lpar: / # /opt/ibm/director/bin/smstart
Starting IBM Director...
The starting process may take a while. Please use smstatus to check if the server is active.

During startup you can check status:
root@bb_lpar: / # /opt/ibm/director/bin/smstatus -r
Starting                                                           <--first only this line was there           
Active                                                             <--later popped up this (I could log out from here with ctrl+c)

6. Logging in into Systems Director:

Start up Firefox and use any of the below commands for login:
http://bb_lpar:8421/ibm/console                                    <--for login I used the user "root" and his pw


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