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HP EVA STORAGE SYSTEM: (Enterprise Virtual Array)

Device driver:
devices.chrp.IBM.HPS.rte                   - IBM eServer pSeries High Performance Switch (HPS) Runtime
devices.chrp.IBM.HPS.hpsfu                 - IBM pSeries HPS Functional Utility
devices.fcp.disk.HP.hsv.mpio.rte           - ODM definitions for HP Enterprise Virtual Array disk devices

Some commands are under: /opt/hphsv/bin/

# lshsv     -> list
# rmhsv     -> remove a device
# lshba     -> HBA details
# lbhsv     -> load balance
# hsvpaths  -> list paths of hdisk



these are usually pdisks:
pdisk is a phisycal SSA disk, one or many pdisk may reprsent a hdisk on te system, according to the RAID used

ssaxlate -l hdisk2    shows which pdisk is represented by hdisk2
ssaxlate -l pdisk0    shows which hdisk is pdisk0

smitty ssaraid      

diag -> task selection -> ssa service aids -> link verification    (it is checking the ssa adapter)
diag -> advanced diagnostics routines -> system verification ...

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